We do the work your engineers shouldn't

  • • Repository Organization & Cleanup
  • • Documentation Overhaul & Smoke Testing
  • • Code Linting with Continuous Integration

Software organizations are like car companies; they have engineers to design all the pieces that come together in a finished product. Unlike a car, however, software is constantly being driven around by users and developers. Changing the oil and other little maintenance tasks often fall behind. At Blue Collar Coding, we dig deep into your software project and clean out all the cobwebs. What does this mean?

  • • Improve approachability of repositories to new users / developers
  • • Organize and clarify the workflow of multiple repositories
  • • Simplify, streamline, and consolidate documentation
  • • Apply standardized linting recommendations and include in CI

Provide a seamless developer experience

Documentation is the on ramp to every software project. We give your docs a thorough smoke test to improve the new user experience. By approaching a software project as beginners, we find and fill gaps that might be barriers to entry for junior programmers. This includes:

  • • Update outdated instructions
  • • Remove unnecessary complexity
  • • Clarify steps that have implicit knowledge
  • • Consolidate disparate information

Ensure easy onboarding for new users of your product

Every language has a linter, yet few projects include it as part of their Continuous Integration from day one. Many of the required lints are often simple but time consuming. We'll tackle them all and get your codebase up to standard, then enforce it by adding the linter to your CI. Linting provides:

  • • Clean, consistent code
  • • Improved developer experience
  • • Serendipitious discovery of bugs

Comply with the standard of your chosen programming language

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